Registration for 2020-2021 School Year

Open enrollment for new and returning students begins January 21, 2020 for Fall 2020



Our school day runs from 8am to 2:45pm with a part-time option from 8am to 12:00pm for Pre-Primary ONLY.  Our Tuition is based on two age groups*:  

- Pre-Primary (age 2) 

- Pre-Primary, Part-time (age 2) 

- Primary (ages 3 - 5) 

Children do not need to be potty trained to attend. 


No prior French language is required.


2020-2021 Annual Tuition Rates: payable monthly, semi-annually or 1 annual payment plus registration, administration and supply fees.

New Student Fees

Enrollment/Registration Fee: $250

Supply Fee: $250

Wait List Fee (if applicable): $100

The Wait List Fee is paid to become a prospective family.  The Enrollment/Registration and Supply Fee is to hold a space open for your child for the incoming year and are annual fees.  These fees are non-refundable should you cancel your enrollment.

Student Fees

Supply Fee: $250.00 per year

Registration Fee: $250.00 per year

Yearly Tuition

Pre-Primary (2 year olds): $10,000

Pre-Primary, Part-time (2 year olds): $7,000

Primary (3-5 year olds): $9,600

Sibling discount: 10% off older child's tuition

The first-month tuition, registration and supply fee are due by the first day of the school year.  The registration and supply fee are non-refundable should you decide to cancel enrollment. PEI requires 30 days written notice of the parents intent to withdraw a child.  Parents shall be responsible for the following month’s tuition in full should they fail to comply with the above notice requirements.

Extended Day

Optional (2:45 to 5:30pm)

Monthly Extended Day: $205

Drop-in rates (based on availability): $25/day

Learn More

Contact our Director, Carrie Schonaerts, to learn more and to set up an observation time:  
512.302.3180 OR info@petiteecole.com.  Observations are a great way to see the classroom.  These visits give parents the opportunity to see the morning work period, view a group lesson, and speak with a teacher about any questions.  

We would enjoy receiving you for a school visit and observation and have you put your child on our waiting list ($100 fee) for the following semester or school year or as soon as there is an opening.  For more information, please see our waitlist policies.

Enrolled Families

Questions about our weather policies, class schedule, or anything else related to the school and its operations? Reference our Parent Handbook for answers to your questions.



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