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French Language Immersion + Montessori Preschool


PEI is conducted entirely in French providing an immersion environment where young children are able to absorb a language very quickly. Immersion is required for developing fluency in a language, which does not occur simply through taking classes.


PEI follows the Montessori philosophy and curriculum, focusing on the development of the whole child. This approach allows each child to advance at their own pace, and fosters independence and a love of learning. Students are involved in a wide variety of activities, such as art, music, gardening, yoga and cultural celebrations from all over the world.


Learning another language at an early age has far-reaching benefits including higher test scores (both verbal and math) and stronger problem solving and linguistic skills. PEI’s approach respects each child's learning style, personal growth, tastes and culture, and maximizes each child's ability to work to their potential. We believe combining language immersion and Montessori provides a unique, enriching, high quality environment that will establish a strong foundation for students' lifelong learning.

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To allow the child to absorb impressions through his/her senses and to acquire basic everyday French.

To combine concrete material with activities to guide the child toward abstraction and to expand the child's French vocabulary to include concepts and ideas.


  • Introduction to the decimal system & preparation for its understanding

  • Shapes

  • Sorting

  • Grading

  • Linear counting 1-10y French

  • Addition/Subtraction (1-9)

  • Creation of complex numbers and matching the corresponding quantities

  • Skip counting

  • Introduction to geometric solids

  • Initiation to reading the clock


  • Linear acquisition: enrichment of vocabulary, matching, sequencing

  • Preparation for writing: finger tracing, fine motor skills, left to right

  • Fluent reading of phonetic words

  • Initiation to writing (spelling, pencil tracing, line drawing, name writing)

  • 3-finger grip of pencil

  • Initiation of sounds

  • Initiation to phonograms

  • Phonics


  • Gardening

  • Magnetic/non-magnetic

  • Sink/float

  • Botany (parts of the tree, parts of the flower, types of leaves, gardening)

  • Magnetic/non-magnetic

  • Sink/float

  • Classification (living/non-living, air/land/water, fish/bird/mammal, vertebrate/invertebrate)

  • Lifecycles


  • Cultural celebrations throughout the year

  • Exploration of cultural artifacts

  • Cultural celebrations throughout the year

  • Lessons in history and sociology (cooking, costumes, basic human needs)

  • Passing of time (past/present/future, timelines, calendar)


  • Singing/musical games

  • Painting (finger, easel, water color)

  • Work on texture

  • Singing/musical games

  • Painting (finger, easel, water color)

  • Collage & craft


  • Introduction to continents

  • Puzzle maps

  • World, Texas, US, France maps

  • Land and water forms


  • Identify and cope with emotions

  • Sharing, grace and courtesy

  • Physical readiness (potty training, balance)

  • Following directions

  • Self reliance

  • Critical thinking and decision making

  • Responsibility

Curriculum Details
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