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Founded in 2000, Petite Ecole Internationale is the only French immersion Montessori

pre-school in Austin. Serving children ages 2-5, our graduates continue on to other

language immersion schools in the community as well as public and private elementary

programs, always carrying with them a love of the French language.

PEI is a non-profit organization governed by a Board of Directors largely made up of parents. The Board of Directors is responsible for policy-making and conducting the routine business of the school.  The structure of the school allows parents to be very involved by volunteering as a Board Member, Committee Chair or in a wide variety of other capacities.


Our non-profit status allows us to keep our fees as low as possible and ensures that 100% of our earnings and donations are funneled back into the school. We also offer a scholarship program for families in need of financial assistance.

Our Staff  

Carrie Schonaerts
Director/Lead Teacher

Carrie has been with PEI since its creation in 2000, first as an Assistant Teacher, then Lead Teacher and now as both our Lead Teacher and Director. Her long tenure with the school has enabled us to ensure a remarkable continuity in our methods and in the school experience for our students. Carrie has lived in France and holds a Bachelors in French from Southwestern University in Georgetown, TX. She travels back to France as often as possible!


Lynda Molinari

Classroom Assistant & Extended Day Leader

Lynda Molinari was born a dual citizen of France and the US. Raised and educated in Paris, France, Lynda holds an associate degree in accounting. Lynda has a love of and dedication to children, having experience working with newborns thru teens up to 19 years of age including those with special needs and developmental or emotional difficulties. At the Austin Children Shelter she was a direct care giver for six years and advanced to being the team manager for the teen mother house for three years. The cottage housed an average of six mothers and 17 toddlers. Lynda worked closely with staff and children to teach life skills and coping skills as well as managed the pre-school program. She had a staffing group of 22 employees. Lynda has been with the PEI program for four years. In addition to being a classroom assistant, she is also the Extended Day Leader. Lynda enjoys making jewelry in her spare time and is the proud parent of a teenager!​

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