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Bienvenue á Petite École

Austin's Only French Immersion Montessori School

Founded in 2000, Petite École Internationale welcomes students ages 2-5 into a warm and enriching learning experience. With a 6:1 student-teacher ratio to nurture strong relationships, PEI focuses on the development of the whole child, teaching the fundamental skills of early childhood while encouraging grace, courtesy, independence and critical thinking.

Pairing a French immersion experience with the Montessori educational philosophy, Petite École offers a unique, high-quality environment in which students establish solid foundations for lifelong learning.


Why immersion?

Learning a second language at an early age has far-reaching cognitive benefits, including enhanced problem-solving, mathematical & linguistic skills. Immersion is the best way to develop fluency in a language, and the natural way that children learn. No prior French language exposure is required for enrollment.

Montessori-based Curriculum

Built on a foundation of trust and security, our Montessori program cultivates children's natural curiosity and drive towards independence. Our curriculum emphasizes investigative and experiential learning through hands-on activities and collaborative play.

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