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I am so grateful that my daughter had an early childhood free of worksheets and flashcards, and yet going into kindergarten, she's reading, using math, and has a limitless curiosity about the world. Beyond the language immersion and academics, Petite Ecole really excels at developing emotional intelligence - teaching compassion, grace, persistance, conflict resolution, empathy and more. 

Our daughter is a better, happier person for the time she spent at Petite Ecole. We feel so lucky to have been a part of this school and to have found so many wonderful friends in the PEI community.

Emily, mom to Margot

Our son Oliver attended PEI for 3 years. I remember the first day he attended, he had just turned 2, I still carried him around everywhere, he didn’t use a spoon or drink out of a real cup. He was our first one and within weeks at PEI, he learned to become an independent little boy. He could do so many more tasks on his own and got potty-trained in a flash. The Montessori education was the perfect approach for our son. He strived and made great friends over the 3 years he spent there. 

We loved that the kids of ages 2 to 5 spend the day together in the same space. The older children learn to take care of the little ones. Oliver is now a great big brother as a result. 

I am native French and obviously the French immersion was the prime reason we signed-up Oliver for PEI. It was a great educative complement to the half immersion he received from me at home since his dad only speaks English.

We also enjoyed the community PEI comes with. Playdates, parties, etc. We’ve become good friends with parents and will remain connected.

All-in-all, PEI was the perfect combo of Montessori and French immersion for our little guy.

Stephanie, mom to Oliver

PEI fostered our son’s social, emotional, and linguistic growth during these past couple of years well beyond anything we imagined when we first enrolled him at age 2.  The teachers, school, and community are exceptional.

Michelle & Rhys, parents of Ozark

Our son only attended PEI for one year but I knew from the start that it was the right fit for him. On the very first day of school he had absolutely NO apprehension and a huge smile on his face. When I picked him up later that afternoon he was still smiling and equally as happy. I know that Carrie and the staff at PEI had a huge role in making his experience on the first day and every day thereafter such a positive one.

About a three months into the semester he began speaking words and a few phrases in French. It was also apparent that he understood a lot of what was being said to him in French, as well. Our son is currently in public school and doing exceptionally well. I have no doubt that a huge part of his current success is due to the foundation of learning that began at PEI. Our only regret is that he didn't start sooner.

Cara, mom to Emile

Our family sought out Petite Ecole for its French immersion Montessori program and have been delighted with the school and all it has to offer in addition to the language benefit. Our son began at PEI just a month after his second birthday.  In just one week, all our fears of separation and anxiety were erased as he happily walked into his new school, lunchbox in hand.  We continued to be amazed with the new skills he brought home from sweeping and pouring his own water, to singing cute little French songs.  The staff has been incredibly supportive and patient through all our 2 year old transitions this past year.  Our son has been so proud to bring home his art projects and surprise Mother & Father’s Day presents.  He constantly talks about his beloved teachers and all his friends at PEI.  As new parents last year, we found the other families to be extremely helpful and interested in getting to know us, which has created a wonderful sense of community. 

We are so happy and grateful to be a part of Petite Ecole!

Julie & Laurent, parents of Tito

We didn't know quite what to expect when we started at Petite Ecole; our daughter came from a school with an entirely different method of teaching, and she had only a small understanding of the French language.  By the time she completed her first year, she had a good understanding of French, and after the second year, she not only understood French but was speaking it as well! The bonus for our family was the community that we became a part of, and all the friends that we made.  The PEI teachers, and in particular Carrie Schonaerts-Ferrucci and Aurelie Young, created a loving, nurturing environment that gave Selena the foundation she needed to be successful throughout her school years.  We can't say enough great things about the school.

Jennifer, mom to Selena

Our twins started at PEI when they were just 2 yrs old and spent three years there with Carrie and her staff. Their nurturing and care combined with the French immersion was a perfect fit for our children. We spend two months in France each summer and all of their hard work has paid off - my son makes friends with children in the parks of Paris and can easily communicate with the people at my job place. My daughter loves to order in restaurants and is even able to shop in the flea markets - Tout grâce à Petite Ecole!

Gail & Evan, parents of Creed & Zelda

We liked pretty much every aspect of PEI. For anyone wanting a second language for their child, PEI is an excellent choice. We really only wanted the French, but the Montessori based curriculum was fantastic. It's much more than day care. We've noticed with Peter that he's much more well prepared for kindergarten than most of his classmates. The transition has been rather easy.

John & Ameli, parents of Peter

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